Monday, November 20, 2006

God On Tour, Comic Strip #11

God gets lonely. God gets horny. God sometimes cannot avert his godly gaze. One day God met Mary Magdalene...

Click image for a larger version:

Controversial? Feel free to comment, and don't forget to check back next week...


Juliana said...

Well slap me with a cat o' nine tails... I AM offended! No - not really.

But Mary M. is a high class whore, darling. We need to set this scene in a posh wine bar, not next to a garbage can, with the lady in stilettos and a chic off the shoulder number - and heavens not red with blonde hair. Ick!

How about deep blue, plunging neckline, and red or dark hair. This looks too much like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl. "What would Mary wear?"

Mary the Holy Ho can still have some taste, I think. ;)

All the same, a damn funny bit of comix - I do love the googley eyes on God, wonderful! Slobber slobber...

Do these get progressively racier or is payment required for that?

Dean Wilson said...

*slaps you with a cat o' nine tails*

Glad you liked this one, Juliana :)

I was a little wary of how this might go down, especially in the Gnostic community where, of course, Mary M. would (and should) have high esteem. I was hoping people would realise that I'm playing with how we perceive people - just look at God. With his gold tooth and related bling, he could be a pimp anyday.

Payment is required for the "Good Stuff (TM)"... ;)


Juliana said...

Yes, it's clear you're being playful. And darlin' you can play with my perceptions any time.

What KIND of payment?

Dean Wilson said...

Maybe people will think its strange we're discussing the "Good Stuff" and payment in the comments section of a comic strip dealing with a prostitue. Hmm... ;)

I'll keep them guessing... :P


Juliana said...

Yes I was being ironic. And having a bit of fun. I mean if you can't have fun with Mary M's "Holy Ho" image, what's the point in going on?

I understand "The Good Stuff" to mean additional comics.

Payment remains a mystery. But an interesting one. How is such a transaction rendered alchemically? Magically? With grace?

Oh how I wish I could draw. I'd come back atcha with some funnies about that. Alas, I can't scribble worth a darn. :)

Dean Wilson said...

I know, lol :)

As for comics, I've always wanted to do one, but never really found the characters for it. Then, through divine intervention, God appeared, and lo! he cried out "Maketh me into a doodle", and so here I am (true story :P).

I'm actually drawing these with my mouse, which takes a while, as you don't have the same ammount of control over it as you would a pencil (etc.). In the future I plan to get a graphics tablet, so I can do some more professional-looking art (life-drawing, etc.), since I studied Animation in the past.

As for payment, for now tons of compliments and ego-strokings will do ;)


P.S. If you want to get on God's good side, He likes his beard stroked. 'Nuff said.

Juliana said...

Just the beard then?

Dean Wilson said...

Oh, my, you minx! ;)

God reserves the right to grow a beard on any part of his body. 'Nuff said.