Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Whoever is Free is a Slave...

"Whoever knows the truth is free, and a free person does not sin, for 'one who sins is a slave of sin....' Those who do not allow themselves to sin the world calls free. They do not allow themselves to sin, and the knowledge of the truth lifts them up - that is, it makes them free and superior to all. But 'love builds up'. Whoever is free through knowledge is a slave because of love for those who do not yet have freedom of gnosis. Gnosis enables them to be free."

- Gospel of Philip (via Jeremy Puma's column in The Gnostic #1)

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Gnostic #1 Now Available

From Andrew Phillip Smith's blog:

"The Gnostic #1 is finally available.

It includes an interview with John Turner, an expert on Sethian Gnosticism, a new translation of the Gospel of Judas, a whirlwind tour of the alternative Judas, and a note on translational issues in the Gospel of Thomas. Gnostic-influenced writers are featured heavily with a long interview with Alan Moore, and an excerpt from a prose work inspired by William Blake, and articles on William Burroughs and Philip K. Dick. The more adventurous scholarly articles include Will Parker’s examination of the magical worldview, a look at the figure of Judas outside of the New Testament, and an examination of Paul’s attitude to Moses. Jeremy Puma’s regular column looks at the pivotal topic of Gnosis itself. Plus reviews of more than a dozen books. Oh, and an excerpt from Freke and Gandy's Gospel of the Second Coming. And more.

Scott Finch, John Coulthart and Eddie Campbell provide visuals.

The easiest way to purchase it is through Amazon:

It's also available through, most other online bookstores and eventually in selected brick-and-mortar bookstores. Comp copies are on their way to contributors.

Thanks to you all for your encouragement and help."