Sunday, January 17, 2010

Poetry: A Pale Afterthought

In these mingled moments when the earth grows cold,
When all of us yet living watch catastrophe unfold,
There is a lonely glimmer buried deep beneath the rubble
Of our colder hearts that led us to this trouble.
If only we had dared to cast our greedy glances
Upon the poorest nations who do not get our second chances
To live a life worth living on this angered earth,
This little ball of rubble that is our place of birth,
Then maybe, for a moment, we would make a change,
A bargain well worth making, a life for death exchange,
A little bit of offering, a helping hand in need
Instead of giving only to our hungry friend called greed.
Then maybe we could give to them when they're still alive
Instead of this pale afterthought to help a few survive.
I suppose it clears our conscience, makes us feel real good
That our aid has reached these people now... instead of when it should.

1 comment: said...

I have very much enjoyed following your thoughts Dean. You should set up a followers link so more people could be exposed to your views.

Considering your penchant for Gnostic truth you may wish to find a book called " The Other Bible ". It offers excerpts from Gnostic writings dated from 300 BCE to 300 AD. There are over 700 pages dedicated to Gnostic truth. Many of the Gospels which never made it into the New Testament are also included. The work of Mathew was very good. I find the gnostic views to be reflective of a need to see beyond the failings of Christian tenets. However after significant study on the subject I feel illusions still prevail if the writings are misunderstood.

I have studied all world religions, philosophy both modern and ancient. As well I rounded out my spiritual journey with hallucinogenic shamanic rituals. Finally I dovetailed advanced science to allow for a left brain balance. Regarding book based religions; the basic premise which is woven into the fabric of faith is that God created the universe. I find this to conflict greatly with my personal view which mantains God became the universe.

This fundamental shift in thinking allows one to comprehend that all manifest reality is God. You are God, as am I, the chair you sit in and the words you read and write is God. There is nothing in all manifest reality which is not God.

From this one understanding we may release all fear, judgment and need. We understand that we are already complete. Most are fooled by religion, government, media and corporations into believing in the physical. This apparent attachment to the illusion of body is confirmed by our five senses. Along with this primary illusion other aspects of reality like, birth, death, good/bad, right/wrong, physicality, separation, time and space are propagated.

Truth can only be found by looking within. When we begin to perceive that we are not body then we can start, in earnest, the paths beyond illusion.

You will never die as you were never born. You are eternal Godself consciousness. Like the Gnostic's believe, there is no God to affect judgment, this is a feeble trick of the ego sense of self.

You mention Plato, Socrates in my opinion had a much greater reference to spiritual truth. Our world is expanding Dean, advances in physics, biology and countless other scientific roads are leading to the truth of which I speak. Any PHD worth his/her salt will confirm from a left brain perspective that matter is illusion. Furthermore, peak intelligence in the scientific world states this reality we call life is really a matrix, consciousness is all that truly exists. Like a puzzle, the convergence of truth should always fit. Christians are programmed fools, at least the Gnostics dumped the carrot and stick.

I like to use the Gnostic philosophy as a good analogy for a representation of ego. I believe Carlos Castaneda wrote the definitive work on ego. You should read his description of ego as " fliers " you would love it.

If we consider the realm of Sophia to represent ego then the Gnostic tenets make much more sense. If we take from Gnostic writing literal interpretations we will fall well short of the spiritual mark of freedom.

I look forward to sharing views my brother you are very intelligent. I invite you as a follower in my world. I never really like the word follower I think they should use sharer. Til' we meet again, peace, love and freedom from tyranny.

In Lak' esh, my brother, love is all there is...