Friday, April 13, 2007

God On Tour, Comic Strip #13

Inspired by a comment by m1thr0s over at Abrahadabra Forums, here's the latest "God On Tour" strip. My apologies for my absence - I'm still quite busy, so expect updates to be sporadic at best.

Click image for a larger version:

Feel free to make suggestions - God is on tour - do you want to see him in your town? Which divinely inspired books do you want him to sign? What movies do you think he'd like to see now that he's down here (the cinema in heaven isn't that good, to be honest)? Have a guess where God keeps his gold tooth at night-time. What does he do for "kicks"?


Jonathan Cid said...

Haha, THIS should be interesting. Thumbs up on the blog!

Dean Wilson said...

Glad you like i, Jonathan :)

Check back for more.


Frater SI said...

I havent been on your blog for a bit.. That comic is your funniest yet!