Tuesday, July 03, 2007



To ignore the spark of light within you
Is to demean the authority of your spirit,
And to demean the authority of your spirit
Is to degrade the stature of the Lord, your God.
Recognition is as the casting off of cloaks
And the removal of worn and weathered walls;
When you cast off the cloak of illusion
And knock down the wall of separation,
You will find and you will know
That the spark of light within you
Is God.

Those who shun and spurn and shirk,
And those who don veils and vestures
So as to hide the beauty of their souls,
Or reject the beauty of the souls of others,
Cannot bypass the Gate of Heaven,
For those who reject shall be rejected,
And those who shun shall be shunned,
And those who veil shall be met with veils,
And they shall neither know them,
Nor penetrate nor pierce them,
For the walls of man are thick and high,
And the clouds of heaven are many,
And vigilant are the Watchers
Who grow an extra eye
For ever slight against a spark
Of God.


Andrea Turner (Door Keeper) said...


This is so profound and true. Thank you for sharing.


Dean Wilson said...

Thanks Andrea - I'm glad you liked it :)