Saturday, November 17, 2007

Contentment Is The Obstacle Of Growth

Some thoughts from a recent discussion I had with someone:

Contentment is the obstacle of growth.

Suffering is almost a prerequisite of the yearning for spiritual growth. Jesus suffered. Buddha witnessed suffering everywhere.

We'll never leave the House if we're content enough to stay inside.

Happiness isn't enough. The "perfect life" isn't enough. The "american dream" isn't enough.

Because ultimately that's all transitory.

It doesn't last.

And we never truly feel any of it.

Because it never had the same sense of reality, the same sense of undeniable truth, as that which is experienced in Gnosis.

Look at Cypher in the Matrix.

He chose to go back to the System, to stay "plugged in".

He knew the meat wasn't real.

But it tasted so damn good.

The truth didn't make him happy.

It's not supposed to.

But ultimately his happiness isn't real.

So the lie doesn't make him happy either.

I was asked: Why does Neo take the red pill?

Because he has to.

Because he doesn't have a choice.

He thinks he does.

But he knows he doesn't.

The hand holding the blue pill is a ruse.

He already took the red pill - before it was offered to him.

And even if were to take the blue pill,

He'd end up sitting back in that room

Knowing he has to take the red pill.

Contentment is the obstacle of growth.

It was Neo's discontent that helped him grow, helped him take the red pill.

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