Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Disappearance Act


Back from the dead... you know, like that fella... E.T.

Okay, so many of you might have noticed that I haven't really been around much lately. Apologies for that, and I'll try to rectify the sheer lack of posting on this blog. That's my side of the bargain. Here's yours:

In order to encourage me to post (there's an Archon out there called Laziness and he's incredibly hard to kill - get me Neo, please), why not comment with some suggestions for topics for me to tackle? Indeed, I'll even go so far as to make an oath that I will post about every suggested topic, so long as it relates somewhat to Gnosticism, religion, spirituality, philosophy, or the occult.


Anthony said...

Asceticism. Why or why not? If so, how much?

Dean Wilson said...

Excellent choice, dear Anthony!

I'll get right on it! :)