Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Knowledge of God

If God is beyond the grasp of our fragile minds, then we have to content ourselves with the fact that our approximations of what God is are merely that - approximations. This should not, however, discourage us from using mythology, religion, and art as an attempt to describe and understand the majesty of God, however ultimately futile such an attempt might be, nor discourage us to use our heart and our Gnosis to come to the only real knowledge of God that can be attained.

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Anonymous said...


Theres a difference between the mask of the philosopher who says "God is X" and therefore puts an X-mask on God and the artist who says "God is X" and revels in God-as-X, not necessarily negating God as not-X. One can approach the 'qualities' of God as an artist or a philosopher - as a creative expression of God or as a rationalization of Him (and the killing of him... A God defined is a God confined).