Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Attention Europe!

I decided to gracefully steal Fr. Jordan+'s latest post on the Frappr Gnostic Map as an excuse to holler out at my European brethren and sistern - get your little markers out and get on the map! I know we've a long way to go before we'll have anywhere near as many Gnostics as, for example, America and Canada, but I also know we have alot more than is shown on this map, so spread the word and mark yourself down if you're not already there.

We haven't got a strong Gnostic ecclesia here in Europe either, which I would like to see amended over the next decade, nor do we have (for understandable reasons, given our lack of Gnostic Bishops here) a European College of Gnostic Bishops. I hope we can get a stronger Gnostic foundation for Europe going (one that will be ecumenically in tune with that of our fellow Gnostics across the water), and am willing to do all in my power to make such a reality.

Who's with me?


Terje Dahl Bergersen said...

I'd sure love some contact and hope to be able to engage in correspondances again (most of the inquiries to the Gnostic Society in the Kingdom of Norway, for 12 straight years have been about the existence and location of Churches,societies or orders anywhere _but_ Oslo,Norway), but I do not think the "Collegiate" thing is the thing to do. I know a lot of people do think so, but for instance, there is no real need for _any_ Bishops, and especially not _many_ Bishops, even at an national level. On the practical level, I mean. On the impractical level, sure, hundreds and thousands, _if you must_ (sigh). When unable to provide information about local contacts I have always adviced inquirers to look into whether or not Gnosticism _really_ is for them, speaks to them - and provided it is, I suggest they make the necessary sacrifice; namely assuming the full, personal responsibility of forming a community, a society etc. on their own.
On the practical level, for ecclesiastics, there's need of some contact (you need experience and inspiration from someone who has been there and done that.. don't believe me? Try it out without any.), and perhaps a Priest. Incardination comes second to ability, and calling, believe it or not, comes second to ability..fascination with clerical fashion and any grandoise idea of status doesn't enter into it at all. I joined Frapper for some time ago, but Norway apparently don't count.

Dean Wilson said...

I would, likewise, love the extra correspondence :)

I think you misinterpreted me when I mentioned a European College. I do not think that's the way to go at the moment, as I feel we need more dedicated Gnostic sectors here in Europe before a College can be put to good use. Then, however, I feel it is an essential tool to building a strong communion between the various Gnostic churches here.

I agree fully with you on the necessity that each individual person contribute to forming a Gnostic community in their own town, etc., and is one of my own intents over the coming months and years (I am working with the AJC and hope to establish a parish here in Dublin). Without this, we cannot really hope to strengthen the Gnostic foundation in Europe, never mind an ecumenical College.

As for the practicalities, I don't think many people would disagree with the idea that you do indeed need contact with someone more experienced in the field than you are. I also don't think people would not believe you in this case (at least, I wouldn't), nor do I doubt that ability (or a "priestly character") is an essential quality to minister appropriately. To be honest, Terje, I do not understand where this rant of yours comes from, as I don't think my post showed any "fascination with clerical fashion" or "grandoise idea of status" - your tone here seems inappropriately and excessively bitter. I do hope we can work together (and with fellow Europeans) on getting a stronger Gnostic foundation here.


Dean Wilson said...

Oh, btw, I can see your marker on the Norway section of the map. Is it not showing up for you?