Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Musings On Militant Athiesm

Brother Jeremy over at Palm Tree Garden posted a link to this article, which is interesting reading. My own musings on this style of "Militant Atheism" are below:

Atheism and Scientism are, in my opinion, just as much religious movements as Christianity or Gnosticism, except they hide behind the veil of not having traditional religious imagery. Religion is anathema to many now, which means these religions, which don't call themselves religions, can grow and proselytize without the stigma that known religions would have for similiar practices. Indeed, on many Christian forums I have visited, the majority of posters are atheists who are indeed militant and aggressively trying to enforce their beliefs onto people. This is more dangerous, in my opinion, purely because it's often not recognised as faith-pushing, which means these practices are allowed (or even encouraged) when they are defamed elsewhere.

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