Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pope Abolishes Limbo

I just found out now that the Pope has abolished the teachings on limbo (at least in relation to infants) formally on Friday (the day I posted my thoughts on Original Sin and Augustine's teachings in relation to infants being condemned if they die before baptism) after a council of 30 Catholic theologians discussed the matter on Wednesday gone.

"THE Pope will cast aside centuries of Catholic belief later this week by abolishing formally the concept of limbo, in a gesture calculated to help to win the souls of millions of babies in the developing world for Christ.
Christians hold that Heaven is a state of union with God, while Hell is separation from God. They have long wrestled, however, not only with the fate of unbaptised children, but also with the conundrum of what happened to those who lived a “good life” but died before the time of Jesus."

You can read more about this here.

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Anonymous said...

if the Pope can abolish limbo why not abolish hell???? we educate our children now with a positive image and deemphasize failure. abolishing hell would be a magnificant act of forgiveness