Friday, September 08, 2006

Descent Of Sophia: A Prayer

Image Copyright: Eileen McGuckin

Hail, Sophia!
Woman of Wisdom and the Waking,
Fire of Heaven as our Inner Flame,
And Spirit of those still in Slumber.

Hail, you Essence of Splendour
Like a Dove descending
On the Crown of the World,
Yet your Descent is in Sorrow,
And we, your children, Mourn with you.

Hail, you who have endured
The pains and pangs of the Cosmic Birth,
You who are Virgin and Birthless,
And yet the product of your Father
As you are our Mother.

Hail, you who are Life in the Belly of Death,
Child of the Bornless
And Pregnant with Potential,
Great Mother of all Wisdom,
Desire Incarnate,
And that which is free of carnal desire.

Hail, you who have come into the world,
Bound by the shackles of cosmic ignorance,
You who exist in a form of Grace.
May we lift you up,
Just as you lift us,
And may we rise and ascend as One,
Free from a world bound in pain.

P.S. We are entering a period of time on the "liturgical calendar" that is dedicated to Sophia, starting today with the Descent of Sophia into the world (mirroring our own descent into physical existence). I offer the above prayer to Sophia and all of her children, for both today and the following days and weeks, so that we may all take Comfort and Ascend together.

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