Tuesday, September 12, 2006

God Is A Paradox


When God is, God is no more,
When Man is, Man is seemingly finite.
This is not Man, but an illusion,
A vesture of darkness that shrouds
An infinite and eternal light.
When you pass into Oneness, into Unity,
You do not lose your identity,
But recover the One you had already lost
When you passed into the oblivion
Of temporal existence.
The oblivion of eternity is a remembrance,
Whereas the oblivion of this world
Is that of the oblivious nature of
Each person will have a personal apocalypse,
A revelation that will shake off
The shackles of the world.
They will remove their transitory clothes
And don a robe of eternal glory,
And know infinitely
That they have always known,
Have always worn,
Have always been,
Always are,
And always will be -
A paradox.

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