Friday, September 29, 2006

Michaelmas: A Prayer For Protection

[Image Copyright:
Holy Transfiguration Monastery]

Archangel Michael

A Prayer for Protection

by Dean F. Wilson

O Thou great and holy Prince, Commander of the Heavenly Armies, Archangel Michael, Thou who art like unto God in Thy fiery countenance, protect us from the powers of darkness and despair, defend us from ignorance and injustice, and shield us from suffering, pain, and grief, that we might become Strong with Thee, and that we might shelter under Thy massive wings when the world around us has offered no shelter. Arise, move, and appear, Thou Leader of the Host of Heaven, Guardian of the Gates, and Sentinel of the Cosmos – come unto us, Thy suffering Children of the Light. Sustain us in our battles against the Adversary; Lift us up when we are knocked down; and ever remind us that God is with us, in us, and through us works His many secret and silent Wonders. Lay Thy Flaming Sword upon our brows, and Bless us in the Holy Spirit of the Sacred Fire, that we might attain unto that Blissful Abode on High, and shake off the Shackles of the System that imprisons our eternal spirits. When Darkness comes, guide our Eyes unto the Light. When Fear wells up, show us the Fountain of Truth that dispels all doubt. When Despair comes ravaging upon our souls, feed us with Thy Strength, that we might overcome all Sorrows and Reach ever closer to Thee and Our Lord God Almighty, in the ever-blesséd experience of Holy Gnosis.


Anonymous said...

Yechidah... wow that really was just beautiful!

Would it be permissable to take use of it as my own?

Especailly as in lore tZadkiel is said to carry his banner, so I do think it may be of great assistance to me...

Well done brother, well done!


Dean Wilson said...

Thank you, Brother :)

You may, of course, make use of this prayer in your own workings and ceremonies. I'm glad it will be so useful :D