Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Flame


A single flame feigns weakness,
For it is humble and contained,
Though secretly it is a potent power,
For in a single moment it burns brightly
And illuminates the way of the traveler.
When the flame is lit, it exposes all shadow,
And makes bright as day
The darkest secrets of the night.
Without the flame, the shadow remains hidden,
As is the fire that burns silently in the heart.
The flame can guide the way for many,
And one flame may highlight that of another,
Though we are all the lighters of our own flame,
For we are all blind when night falls upon us,
And we all bear waiting candles in our hearts.

This was initially inspired by an older piece of mine from around a year or so ago:

Courage In A Candle Flame

A candle flickered in the frightening fire,
The flame balancing on the waxy ledge,
Wearing down inside.

Wearing down inside, tempted to retire,
To snuff the light and break the pledge,
And quickly step aside.

To quickly step aside and pass the reign
Unto the shadows and the silent dark,
Bound so tightly.

Bound so tightly, it’s weakness that you feign,
For in a sacred moment you spur and spark,
And burn so brightly.

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